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The family friendly town

Our major goal is to cater to families. This of course means offering activities for all generations. In our community we support not only child and youth work, but also senior citizens.

Edith-Stein, Oase and Spielwiese kindergartens

In Muggensturm we have three kindergartens with capacity for children ages 2 and older, which is a boon for families.

Albert Schweitzer school

The Albert Schweitzer School is a combined primary and modern secondary school. The school was completely modernised and extended a few years ago, and today offers pupils a pleasant learning environment equipped to meet modern requirements.

In addition to the all-day schooling introduced in school year 2007/08, we can offer our primary school pupils both after-school and holiday care services.

"Haus Margaretha" residential home

Elderly and disabled persons will find a welcoming home in the "Haus Margaretha" residence. For more than three decades now the integrated "St. Franziskus" health and advice centre has been offering care for sick people.

Seniors' club

Volunteer work for our senior citizens has been one of our major concerns for many years now. A wonderful facility has been created for this purpose at the civic centre of the new town hall complex. Here, our senior citizens can meet for breakfast, games or to sing folk songs, giving them an opportunity develop cameraderie and forget some of their day-to-day worries.  

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