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Muggensturm is situated in the Rhine Valley halfway between Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden, approximately 4 km away from the A 5 motorway (Karlsruhe-Basel). The community of Muggensturm, which covers a total area of 1,156 ha, currently has around 6,400 inhabitants and celebrated its 800th anniversary in 1993.

The town has developed into an attractive community today. Family-friendly amenities include the vivarium located on the outskirts of town next to a children's playground featuring a fun creek. Beautiful parks, cycle paths, hiking trails, a lakeside open-air swimming pool and a variety of clubs offer a wide range of leisure and recreational activities locally.

The children's playgrounds scattered throughout the community also bear testimony to the child-friendliness and residential value of Muggensturm. It also explains why Muggensturm's population has grown steadily in recent decades. Many families value the fact that Muggensturm is a quiet location yet has good traffic links.

However, it is not only the residential area that has grown significantly. The Muggensturm industrial estate has also expanded so much in recent years that a further expansion is already underway. Muggensturm has a commercial and industrial zone covering an area of roughly 103 ha, which accounts for approximately 8% of the municipality's gross land area. Since the motorway, as mentioned already, is nearby, Muggensturm is an attractive location not only for small businesses. A number of industrial enterprises, including several well-known large companies, have settled here since the 1970's, and they evidently feel at home.

There are some 500 commercially registered businesses in Muggensturm providing around 2,300 jobs. Relative to the population of about 6,200, this is an incredibly high employment ratio. In theory, almost almost every single resident of Muggensturm could be employed locally.

Thanks to a combination of commerce, industry and a very high quality of living, Muggensturm is set to be an attractive community for people of all ages for many years to come.

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