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Muggensturm, the business location

The "Schleifweg" industrial estate in Muggensturm is situated next to the B3 trunk road (Karlsruhe-Rastatt) and only 4 km away from the Rastatt motorway junction. The commercial and industrial zone presently covers an area approximately 103 hectares.

With the motorway nearby, Muggensturm is an attractive location not only for small businesses. A number of industrial enterprises have made their home in Muggensturm since the 1970's. In the near future, the commercial and commercial and industrial zone will be extended by a further 27 hectares.

Municipally owned energy utility

The communal "eneREGIO GmbH" utility was established as a municipally owned energy provider in the year 2000. Today, it supplies more than 6,200 inhabitants and 100 industrial and commercial businesses with electrical power and water.

The ever-growing number of photovoltaic installations means that, in theory, all households could be supplied with Muggensturm's own solar power.

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